This is Madianna

Sunset on Veranda

She lived above Sarah and Kristen during their time in Freetown. She is originally from Banta. However, Mama Angie (the country director for COTN) brought her to Freetown to save her from an arranged marriage to a 60 yr. old man. Madianna and Aminata (another girl who lived upstairs) came down often to visit us. Madianna and Sarah had a sister-like relationship. Which was a joy to watch since Sarah is an only child. Madianna always made us laugh. She would mess up the cards when were playing card games. She could sleep anywhere.

Sleeping outside on a curb

We fell in love with her. I found myself praying for her future husband. I prayed that she would find a man with integrity, with a love for the Lord. Probably not easy to find in SL.

I miss her!

SistersJoanna and Madianna at SchoolElijah, Madianna, and AminataAminata, Sarah, and Madiannaimg_0468.jpg