I was reading a booked titled “sub-merge” by John B. Hayes today.  To enhance the current chapter he tells the true story of Portuguese missionaries who decided to establish a mission to the Congo in 1490.  Their decision quickly became reality as there was vast conversion.  The King and Queen of Congo even converted and their son as well.  It was the son who dreamed of the Congo becoming a Christian Kingdom.  Unfortunately, the Portuguese didn’t take him seriously and seemed more interested in “commerce than Christianity.”  The son did everything he could to make the Congo a Christian Kingdom, but lack of mentoring and true concern from the Portuguese left it weak.  When the son died, his work and dream soon followed.

“Five centuries ago, Portuguese church leaders failed to see and share a vision for an authentic indigenous church in the Congo, failing also to recognize their critical role in serving as midwife to the process.”

It seems as though I constantly have to be reminded that a small group of people CAN make a difference.  In fact, in the same book it reminds us that most change has come from such.  But to think of Sierra Leone and to think that our interests and efforts will bring change has been a challenge.  I don’t want to give in though.  Just as important and just as hard is the ability to dream.  Joanna and I, our family, Families for Africa, COTN…..we must keep dreaming!  When dreaming dies or gets lost in the shadow of doubt, so does the ability for change.  Joanna and I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that this dream will take time.  So much time that we will most likely do everything we can to pass the dream on for generations to come.  That….That is hard.  My dad always said, “No pain, No gain.”  Dream on Friends.